Viewpoint on Po River

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The project consists in the construction of a scenic spot on the Po river, at the second stack in the riverbed from the Piacenza bank in order to favor the view north-west from the restaurant.

The structure is a large-scale object that stands as a new landmark on the skyline. Its height allows visitors to enjoy the view, away from vehicular traffic and its noises. The café/restaurant is easily accessible by the lift or by the panoramic stairs.

The regularity of the steel and glass structure is contrasted by the external coating stands out opposed to the regularity of the steel and glass structure. Its fiberglass panels with an organic, biomorphic appearance resemble an irregular and perforated leaf. In the evening, the artificial light passes through the holes giving the tower the appearance of a big and evanescent lantern.

The entrance to the viewpoint from the bridge will be in the road in the middle of the sidewalk planned by ANAS. In order to allow cyclists the possibility to access the building, an area was allocated to park bicycles alongside the new walkway-bridge.




Piacenza, Italy


Vincenzo De Luce


Erica Esposito, Marina Orlando, Marco Capobianco (Structures)


Chamber Of Commerce in Piacenza