Reconfiguration of the Assumption Cathedral

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The project is about the reconfiguration of the Assumption Cathedral in Ischia. Historical events led to the destruction of most of the building and the remains of the architecture are no longer easily identifiable. Today this religious structure appears as a square inside the Aragonese castle.

Our project wants to maintain the current characteristics of this ruin by introducing a permeable roof with a completely autonomous shape with no plan to rebuild. This roof will be made of a light steel structure with triangular links following the dimensions of the ruin and will be covered with a ETFE membrane.

The permeability of this roof allows to guarantee the current light conditions of the ruin / square. The dense screen-printed texture on the membrane resembles the decorative patterns of the Aragonese age, creating a characteristic shadow play. The material is anti-glare, tensile strength, low weight, high temperature resistance and it does not reflect the sounds produced in the space below.




Ischia, Italy


Vincenzo De Luce


Marina Orlando


Istituto per l’Architettura Mediterranea