“Entrance Door” to the Woods

  /    /    /    /  “Entrance Door” to the Woods

The project revolves around the design of an entrance door structure sited in the woods in the Querini areas. The structure is designed with the purpose of guiding the visitor through the vast re-naturalized territory.

The Entrance Door represents almost a new animal that lives amongst the trees with its zoomorphic shape. The pavilion has a metal skeleton covered in Corten steel, a material chosen for its ability to stand out in the natural landscape and for its strength and durability against atmospheric agents, even in the absence of constant maintenance.

The structure emphasizes the existence of a new landscape that will be in constant evolution due to the reforestation programs. The area will expand from the starting point implementing cycle-pedestrian paths to enable visitors to travel through the woods.

The intervention also involves the construction of parking lots for about fifty cars, for two private buses and for one hundred bicycles, the location of the urban bus stop and the construction of this pavilion which also constitutes the symbolic landmark of the entrance to the Querini woods.




Venice, Italy


Vincenzo De Luce


Marina Orlando, Marco Capobianco (Structures)


Municipality Of Venice