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Ascend to the sky of ideas, among the fixed stars that guide humanity in its uncertain steps. The road as a life metaphor. Giancarlo’s road and life as a choice not to turn his gaze from injustice. The word as a mean to affirm the truth, to awaken consciences. What guided Giancarlo’s passion for his work as a journalist and a guardian of truth?  Its Mehari and the roads, real and symbolic, that they traveled together. The strength of Paolo Siani’s sentence: “We are still here because we have not forgotten, and we do not want to forget”. The struggle to make one’s voice heard, firm and standing in front of those who accepted everything. This is the union that seemed significant to us in Giancarlo’s life.

Traveling along Via Luca Caldieri, as if it were his continuation, the real road turns while, at the same time, joining with the symbolic “road” that climbs towards the sky of ideas and the Mehari stopped midair just before the “and we don’t want to forget” writing, in order to remember Giancarlo as an example of life. We split the sentence in two to mark its temporal dimensions. The memory that fights against oblivion. “We are still here because we have not forgotten ” a phrase that indicates the decision not to retreat from the conquered place. For this reason the memorial is on the ground, a solid foundation for the future. “And we don’t want to forget” engraved in steel marking the promise we made to the generations to come. This monument will be a symbol of this oath. For a better world, because that’s what it is. And it is good to remember it. Always.

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Naples, Italy


Vincenzo De Luce


Rosario Parmendola, Marcello Pellecchia (Structures)


Fondazione Polis


Competition, 1st Prize