Piazza Mercato

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The project aimed at the physical and cultural redevelopment of Piazza Mercato, a historic place located in the heart of Naples near the port.

The intervention inserts a multimedia platform in the center of the square, conceived as an “urban magnet”. This platform is a place of interaction through five “video walls” that interact with users offering them various possibilities for entertainment, games and information on the history and monuments surrounding the square.

A virtual library of patterns allows the public to choose the texture they would like to see appear on the square for a predetermined time. The color sequence of these patterns is, however, controlled by a series of environmental sensors that transmit the information captured from the external space.

The square becomes a place that is alive and changeable, in which citizens and social relations are at the center of the new urban scenario. At night, the square becomes a place of historical memory with the appearance of bright lettering that crystallizes the phrases with which Masaniello, born in one of the alleys surrounding the square, incited the people against the unfair politics of the Spanish government in the revolution of 1647.

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Naples, Italy


Vincenzo De Luce


Paolo Di Martino, Mariano Lebbro


Competition, 1st Prize