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The Mediterranean Sea, the “sea among the lands”, a medium through which different cultures communicated, met, influenced each other up to the construction of what is before our eyes today. A cradle of cultures, each specific and, at the same time, each born from the encounter with the other, across the sea. This was our inspiration for the new hotel within the Mostra d’Oltremare, we focused our attention on some of the countless features that have emerged from this melting pot.

From the Middle Eastern civilization, with its gold-coloured plays, we designed the aluminium panels that cover the entire building and which also act as mashrabiyas; they are perforated and modelled in a subtle weave, finally adorned with a floral motif. The gilded coating also allows, between day and night, to change the perception of this architecture.

From the Roman civilization, whose vestiges are also present in the nearby archaeological park, we drew the idea of ​​a modern hotel that recalls, in its game between covered and uncovered parts, between empty and full, a modern “Domus”.

Finally, inspired by nature, a structure suspended on pillars with a reinforced concrete structure, which leaves the surrounding pine forest not only the space to be admired by guests and visitors but also the possibility of expanding under the building whose courtyards recreate the same plays of light and shadow that would be perceived in an underwood.

All the free space below the hotel is a green area with seats and paths that connect via Palepoli with Piazza Antiniano and with the archaeological park. In this way, every visual and air circulation barrier is eliminated.




Naples, Italy


Vincenzo De Luce, Paolo Di Martino


Luca D’Isanto, Antonella Gallo


Competition, 1st Prize

Other prizes

Pida-Premio Internazionale Di Architettura, 3st Prize