Sky Shelter

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The project is the design of a shelter unit to protect the outdoor area of ​​the bar located on the top floor of the NATO base shopping center. With its white color and the inclined support elements, this monolithic shelter represents a strong signal with the aim of giving identity to an anonymous and bare space.

The self-supporting structure is made of a heat galvanized steel structure and is covered with perforated aluminum panels with a texture inspired by the clouds. This texture appears to be uniformly white from afar but it also introduces a play of light and shadow throughout the day. In the evening, the LED light hidden inside the structure filters through the holes in the panels, creating iridescent effects.

The shelter is crowned by a roof garden with low-maintenance ornamental graminaceous plants that favors thermal insulation from the heat generated by the sun. A system of internal gutters collects the water in excess from the roof and conveys it to dedicated collecting points on the ground.




NATO, Lago Patria (NA)


Vincenzo De Luce


Marcello Pellecchia