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The Farnese and Bourbon Armory of the Capodimonte Museum is an extraordinary collection of firearms, cutting and defense weapons, white weapons, swords and daggers, beating weapons, auction weapons, armor and war cranks and tournament, all belonging to the Farnese family. These weapons are not for military use, but were used to self-represent the kingdom. In this way the reigning houses and large families represented each other, wearing armor and weapons richly chiseled during ceremonies and tournaments.

The rearrangement project allowed to reopen to the public the historic Armory is “one of the most remarkable collection of historical weapons in Europe that belonged to the Farnese family between the end of the 15th and 17th centuries. Received as an inheritance by Charles of Bourbon, he added in the eighteenth century his collection of firearms, some diplomatic gifts and other weapons produced by the Royal Factory of Naples. In the nineteenth century Ferdinando IV enriched the collection with some fine sixteenth-century artifacts, recovered during his exile in Palermo”, as Capodimonte communicates.




Naples, Italy

Rearrangement project

Vincenzo De Luce




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